Bid Production

Bid production is a cost effective service that is generally chosen when an organisation has a capable in-house team, technically able to respond to the core PQQ /Tender questions- but that lack the time or inspiration to add visuals, style and innovation.

The bid production service includes:

  1. A full review and edit of your document (including a cross check to the specification) checking that each response is fully addressed and maximises the points available.
  2. An action plan for your writers outlining what is still required in terms of text detail and offering advice and guidance on what else needs to be included.
  3. Calls to discuss the creative elements and any other value added content that we believe the bid would benefit as part of the production work we will undertake.
  4. Creative work, graphs, tables, visuals, standardisation of terminology and layout, statistics and innovative ideas for future ways in which you will develop your business in line with the Commissioners requirements.
  5. A document that is submission / print ready.