Call Recordings

Call recordings: The idea of recording calls is simple, in that it allows freedom of discussion between the bid team, with limited distraction of note taking.

The call recordings (conference call facility) also means that participants can access calls in a flexible ‘one off’ way, joining and leave a conference call at any time. This has proven invaluable for larger organisations such as NHS clients, where there are various contributors who are essential to the process but only in respect of one question and do not need to be involved for the full duration of a call.

Each participant is sent an invitation to the conference call via email, with dial in details and access code to the conference.

Calls can be made from any landline or mobile telephone.

Each call recording will be provided post meeting, in MP4 format via an email link, allowing for any ‘absent’ team members to catch up on what has been agreed, who will take the lead in which part of the process and any deadlines set.

Call recordings also act as a great resource for our writers when reinforcing your organisations ethos and vision in respect of bid content. This is because they can feel and hear a passion in peoples voices that cannot always be detected in the words they write.

Getting to grips with the meaning of a question is also easier to achieve through a call and as part of the bid team approach, than it is in isolation when you are sat with a question in front of you that you are expected to make a contribution to.