The Bid Team

The Bid Team

Our bid team includes a mixture of individuals bringing different perspectives and expertise to the formulation of the best solution and proposal documentation.

There are a number of key roles within the Bid Team, creating the blend required for the production of a successful bid submission.

The Bid Team roles are:

Bid Manager: This is the person who is going to take the lead on the management of the tender.

Technical Experts: These are the best technical people who are involved in the design and presentation of the bid, bringing expertise as well as new ideas.

The Writers: Those who are skilled at presenting clear technical yet innovative, engaging and visual documentation. A number of writers may be involved on a bid but each will know which pieces they are responsible for and when they need to have completed the work.

Contributors: With the light touch services of Tender Writing UK – our team will be contributors. With the fully managed bid service, your organisation will be considered the contributors. There may also be internal or external contributors supplying additional specialist information and knowledge to the proposal, in areas such as quality, financials etc.

Administrators: Responsible for formatting and collating of the proposal documentation.

Proof-reader: Our service is designed to have a single person taking this role to ensure continuity as the proof-reader is responsible for checking the tone, flow and formatting of the overall proposal and for ensuring that key themes and business strengths are included throughout the documentation.

The Proof-reader will not usually have a detailed technical knowledge of the solution, so that they can read the document as if an ‘outsider’ was reading it, ensuring that technical content is easily understood.

Fault Finder: Someone who can pessimistically judge the bid and find areas of improvement.