Fully Managed Bid Service

Fully Managed Bid Service

Writers will work proactively with you to obtain the highest levels of information needed to create innovative, visual, powerful, professional, personalised proposal documents. We will strive to make your responses stand out from the rest, taking ownership of the content as if we work for your organisation, but always using language that is reflective of the way your organisation speaks – not our writers.

The ‘Bid Team’ with your organisation central to the process, will collectively determine the approach to be taken to completion of the bid such as agreeing buyer themes, determining what you see as the ‘winning edge’ your organisation has and how this can be showcased.

Planning will include coordinating responsibilities and setting timelines and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in order that we can track progress and success throughout the process.

In order to provide writers with the right quality and quantity of information to showcase your service, we will work closely with all members of the ‘Bid Team’ across our respective organisations. This will include regular calls, email contact and document exchange.

In the case of organisations that have bids in excess of 10 days (typically larger providers such as NHS) and where Tender Writing UK believe there will be added value in doing so, a 1 day on-site information and fact finding visit will be offered at no extra cost.

The fully managed bid service includes Tender Writing UK leading on writing, designing, formatting and proof-reading the document- whilst ensuring that your organisation remains a fundamental part of the ‘Bid Team.’

You will remain in control of the document at all times and prior to the commencement of writing, will be provided with a schedule of when you can expect an opportunity to review the responses in progress. This allows you to see the development of the bid and have an opportunity to contribute along the way should you wish to.

Once the final document is submission ready we can arrange (time permitting) for these to be printed and bound, or provided on memory sticks or disks (as per Commissioner requirements) at an additional cost.

Uploading of bids to e-tender portals will however remain at all times your responsibility and Tender Writing UK do not become involved in this process.